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07-Oct-2019 12:46

Cool Climate is a research network connected with the University of California, and they held a contest in 2012 to address the impact of climate change.

Worldwide submissions were received, and the winner was featured in The Huffington Post.

On February 15, 2018, the ban was extended to Iran.

There is no review for potential copyright and Creative Commons licensing violations when a work is submitted to Deviant Art, so potential violations can remain unnoticed until reported to administrators using the mechanism available for such issues.

This can be achieved using an option of Deviant Art Muro, which is a browser-based drawing tool that Deviant Art has developed and hosts.

Although only members of Deviant Art can save their work as deviations.

All geo IPs in the country have been blocked from entering the site, under the justification of USA sanctions over Syria.

As of February 12, 2018, Deviant Art has changed the authentication system, making the ban more strict.

Individual deviations are displayed on their own pages, with a list of statistical information about the image, as well as place for comments by the artist and other members, and the option to share through other social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Journals are like personal blogs for the member pages, and the choice of topic is up to each member; some use it to talk about their personal or art-related lives, others use it to spread awareness or marshal support for a cause.