Facebook dating app spam starting a dating profile writing business

25-Dec-2019 21:54

I wasn’t able to find an example of a copyright holder suing for copyright infringement over a Facebook posting but it could easily happen.

The suits and threats are rare now as much of the infringement likely is private but as Facebook opens up, so will the searches for copyrighted material and, along with it, the takedown filings and lawsuits.

Harassment is defined as when someone “repeatedly behaved in a manner that was perceived as intrusive or threatening.” On that front, there is hardly a better place to harass someone than on Facebook (or any other social network).

You can commit libel with something distributed to a small list of your friends the same as if you had posted it on the broader Web.in front of two Senate committees."Zuckerberg is actually testifying before more senators than a nominee to the Supreme Court would," said Marc Rotenberg, president and executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, which is critical of Facebook's data collection.

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