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Indeed, how you judge the success of a relationship depends on several psychological and cultural factors, not to mention age and gender.

In the Western world, most people—at least those aged 25-40 (who represent the main target of most online dating sites)—equate success to a happy relationship, a memorable wedding, and healthy children.

Indeed, highly open people are constantly trying out new things: they love travelling to new places, trying out new foods, and doing unusual things.

Conversely, people with low openness are conservative, risk-averse, and will end up seeming boring to their more curious partners.

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Because, well, the exhausting formalities of talking through screens zaps up our energy before we we actually — you know — go on dates. The conversation and practical expectations around what we call "dating" have changed so vastly that I forgot actual dates — drinks, dinner, maybe a movie — would be part of the deal.

Online dating promises to connect us with people Online dating makes us feel like we're dating when we're not actually dating. Unless you're some sort of Skype whiz, dating involves in-person interaction.

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"Tinder gives us what we think we want, but without the spark or intrigue, or any of the human effort that normally goes into sex and dating."That spark or intrigue can be great, but you have to be ready for it, ready to meet it with some spark of your own — or it least some, er, tinder.But when it was time to actually arrange a time and place to meet another human being, all I could do was emit a vaguely exhausted sigh and close the tab.Not everyone is so gloomy about online dating, of course. But those who love it will likely tell you, as a coworker recently told to me with an earnestness typically not witnessed in New York City, that they truly love going on dates.In the event that two potential daters are "in sync" about what they expect to get from the relationship - assuming they share the same goals (e.g., longevity, children, financial success, passion, adventure, etc.)—there are five basic ways of being incompatible, and personality plays a role in all of them.

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First, they may differ in ambition: If one of the two people is insanely driven and the other one totally laid-back, the relationship wont work.Indeed, stable people are the perfect target for neurotic partners, because they have sedative effects on them!

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