File or directory is out of date try updating

02-Jan-2020 14:19

file or directory is out of date try updating-59

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The user can also update the local data copy to a selected revision and revert changes to a selected revision.In this dialog, you can also choose the changes that should be sent to the repository. Detailed comments facilitate the analysis of changes in the future.

file or directory is out of date try updating-58

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Version control is implemented for directories/files associated with the repository, therefore such directories/files have a version, i.e. A revision is a state of the directory/file at a point of time.

The logs help you to easily analyze the history of changes in your projects.

To view the change log of a file/folder, select " Show Storage Log".

If the storage contains folders that do not exist in your local working copy, execute "Update from Storage" at the MQL5 (or MQL4) root element in the Navigator window.

All data from the Storage will be downloaded to the corresponding local folders.After committing the current changes in the repository, the corresponding folders and files are marked with .

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