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17-Oct-2019 00:28

People who want to fuck around unfortunately often don’t have to look too far to find someone willing. All it takes is someone similarly characterless who’s up for no-strings attached sex. Even when they tell themselves how uninvested they are, they want those constant reminders how much better they are than you, how moister their muffins are, how much more accomplished their children, how deserving. Of course, you’re blindfolded, with both hands tied behind your back, but they’re happy to stand in the ring and sucker punch you and declare themselves the “winner.” Your spouse, on the other hand, is not just a sicko, they’re probably also just lazy.

It’s part of the “fuck you.” They’re doing a little competition with you — the pick me dance that affair partners do. Will using our marital bed get me kibbles right now?

I’ve alluded to this study before, but just found it again online from a New Yorker article on the science of sociopathy — these folks only see “card to card.” They can’t look over the event horizon to see consequences in order to fear them.

I really find it bizarre that cheater apologist Esther Perel is having a moment at exactly the same time as #Me Too. You asked Harvey Weinstein what he was doing whipping out his dick?

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You assign meaning and significance to things because you are a chump.

Sorry Esther, a lot of HR departments already had a good rethink about infidelity. Enjoy the spin here: How do you get around the obvious POWER DYNAMIC of sexual harassment? Perel has made her career off of excusing entitlement and no one calls her out on it.