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We are a long-standing Victorian-esque steampunk fantasy roleplay for literate, adult players who enjoy character-driven story, plot-wide updates events during their play, and writers and plots that keep them coming back for more. There are very few things that are a certainty in this world. Static Hogwarts is one of the longest standing HPRPGs in the community with a history dating back to June 2004 and daily activity since November 2013. A fantasy digital art designed roleplay called Estorica. Home to magically created beings also known as orphans that mutate or adapt via the magical properties found within the land. At RRP, we let the users have their world, their way.

RRP is devoted to letting the users run the site, letting you choose what you want to see on the...

At Kinksters Chat we put our complete trust in our Staff.

So, if a member of the KC Staff speaks to you because they feel that you are in breach of KC rules, you must comply with their request to cease and desist whatever activity they are asking you to stop.

If you think you have what it takes to wield the Force, or command fleets of starships, or go on a...

KKinksters was founded by fans of KINK and ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES who believe in the need for a freely available live chat medium.

The birth of Revaliir began in the stars like so many other worlds.

Titans known as Celestials ruled the skies and filled mortal souls with terror and amazement.

Please respect others so that they may, in turn, respect you.Whatever your fantasy, dream, or nightmare, The Inner Sanctum welcomes you express it. Whether you are a new or experienced roleplayer - this is the place where you can focus on writing with other people, character development and much more. An immersive setting combines with a friendly community and active staff to deliver a one-of-a-kind roleplay and writing experience.If you like writing, worldbuilding, and character development, check us out. This is precisely the fate that has befallen the X-Men and the Brotherhood alike. All-Original Character Modern Era, 18, No WC, Intermediate, JCINK Premium. Rebellion Roleplaying is an 18 , multi-genre, roleplaying community.With 5,241 games on record, 1,547 highly active (392 seeking players), we're sure you'll find a setting to suit you.

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Reliably providing 107,144 users with a place to get their gaming fix, since 2000; over 11 games created every day.Failure to comply with such a request will eventually result in, either, a) your ability to talk and move around the server being removed for a period of time, b) a temporary ban from the channel in question or c) possibly a temporary ban from the entire server. We DO understand that mistakes can be made, we're all human after all (apart from maybe the Furries : P).