Gigabyte updating bios

24-Feb-2020 23:00

This is exactly the same behavior if I leave the 8-pin power connector in and remove the CPU (have been removing pieces and attempting power to try and narrow down the issue).

And of course please do take a minute and read the Qflash Guide I wrote and if you feel anything is missing feel free to PM me to add it in.Other then that should only be if you have issues with a certain BIOS that a newer one addresses and then only be done if you know what you are doing and have read and accepted all associated warnings.Rule of thumb for everyday non enthusiasts is "Dont' Fix it, if it ins't broke" as stated above.Some of beta BIOSes are still undergoing compatibility testing.

GIGABYTE is sharing these BIOSes for testing purposes only and are not meant for general release.minifan blowing through northbridge Yes, a BIOS flash is always a risk and should only be done if a user knows the risk and accepts it.