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24-Nov-2019 06:48

My blog was being under-visited lately, so here’s a shamelessly juicy collection of my dating opening letters from the last 11 months of OKCupid correspondence.

From Dec 10, 2011 to Nov 24, 2012 I sent 463 letters to women and received replies on about half of those (higher than the expected reply rate of about 29%). Unlike skiing, which is about strength and speed once you master staying up, snowboarding offers up some interesting metaphors about life as you lazily swish and swash your way through tufts of childlike snow.

To keep control, you’ve got to leave yourself hanging out there – butt and legs going east and west – all while emptying your mind and enjoying the ride.

And I learned that twirling and spinning your way down gives you more control than keeping your sights straight ahead and bracing for the bumps.