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Physical distance and length of conversation are contingent on the perceived status of the speakers.In terms of language use, always keep the Spanish language distinctions between the formal you or “Usted” and the informal you or “Tu” in mind at all times.Guatemala is a very young country with over 50 percent of its population under the age of 25.Therefore, Guatemalans find themselves at ease discussing issues related to children and youth such as schooling or health.

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For example, indigenous Guatemalans might find it difficult to understand the Spanish accents of a native French or English speaker.As most indigenous communities are rural and agricultural, discussions on the seasons, the planting progress, how the animals are faring or updates from the weekly markets are also acceptable.In the case of women, discussions on weaving/ knitting can be surprisingly entertaining!First off, when meeting in a business context, it is best to ensure to be very polite, very cordial and to allow the conversation to move naturally from very formal greetings and handshakes to a less formal discussion environment.

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Acceptable topics would include anything from the current football saga to sharing updates on family and friends, health, weather.

Due to the country’s history of authoritarian and repressive regimes, Guatemalans rarely speak their minds directly on any issue even among friends or other non-relatives.