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During college she raised a professor who had killed himself-her roommate moved out the next day.Anita majored in preternatural biology and became engaged to a fellow student, who later broke off the engagement due to his parents disapproving of him dating a Mexican woman. This would cause Anita to remain celibate for much of the initial books in the series (until The Killing Dance) After graduation Anita was recruited by Bert Vaughn to join Animators, Inc.This makes it impossible for Anita to separate herself from Richard or Jean-Claude, which is further exacerbated when Anita breaks her engagement with Richard and becomes Jean-Claude's lover after watching Richard eat Marcus and transform into his wolf form.Despite this, Anita's magical bonds with the two are further strengthened throughout the series and Anita is still considered to be the "lupa" or female leader of the pack despite her relationship issues with Richard.

During this book Anita also contracts several strains of lycanthropy after being injured by a wereleopard and Chimera, the split personality of Orlando King, a lycanthrope hunter.

Anita becomes the protector of the local were-leopard pack in (Burnt Offerings), a role that places her alongside the were-leopard Nathaniel, who has expressed a sexual interest in Anita.

Her relationship with Richard is somewhat reconciled in (Blue Moon) when she travels to Tennessee to clear him of rape charges.

In (The Lunatic Cafe) Anita becomes engaged to Richard, only to have Jean-Claude quickly blackmail her into dating him after learning of the engagement.

Anita also meets Raina, the lupa of the local wolf pack, as well as Jason, a young werewolf.This proves to be detrimental to Richard and Jean-Claude in (Obsidian Butterfly), where she learns from a powerful vampire in New Mexico that it weakens all three of them.

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