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He asked Judd for the key, but she stated she didn't have it with her.Burton Mc Kinnell, Judd's brother and a junior at the University of Southern California, picked Judd up from the train station unaware of the crime or the bodies.The murder was reported in headlines across the country and Judd came to be referred to in the press as "Tiger Woman" and "The Blonde Butcher".

Anderson, wanted the trunks opened and tagged them to be held.

The state argued that Judd acted with pre-meditation, that the relations between the three women had deteriorated over some weeks, and that they had argued over the affections of Jack Halloran.

According to the prosecution, all of this culminated with the murders.

In the next three weeks, hundreds of curiosity seekers toured the three room bungalow.

During the trial, Judd's defense protested by stating, "By the advertisements in the newspapers, the entire population of Maricopa County visited that place." The police maintained the two women were shot while asleep in their beds.None of the dismembering aspect of the double slaying was addressed in court because Judd was tried only of the murder of Mrs. The death sentence was repealed after a ten-day hearing found her mentally incompetent; she was then sent to Arizona State Asylum for the Insane on April 24, 1933.

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