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For modern readers, the appearance of these traits often seems to sit uneasily with the surrounding material.

In common usage, the term saga has been erroneously applied to any exciting, long narrative.

In contrast, Juvenalian satire also uses withering invective, insults, and a slashing attack.

The name comes from the Roman poet Juvenal (60-140 CE), who frequently employed the device, but the label is applied to British writers such as Swift and Pope as well. SCANSION: The act of "scanning" a poem to determine its meter.

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At other times, scatological elements appear in stories that are not necessarily meant to be low-brow.See cycle and epic.: French law stating that the right of a king's son to inherit the French throne passes only patrilineally rather than matrilineally.In England, however, the English Queen Consort (a queen married to a ruling husband) can become the Queen Regnant (a queen ruling in her own right) if her husband dies and there are no other male relatives in line to inherit the throne.For instance, many serious medieval legends of demons link them to excrement, and the audience of French fabliaux appear to be noblemen and aristocrats rather than bourgeois rabble.

Scatology also appears in medieval plays such as Mankind and in works associated various French fabliaux (singular fabliau).

Satire became an especially popular technique used during the Enlightenment, in which it was believed that an artist could correct folly by using art as a mirror to reflect society.