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money, safety, children, power, status, friends, family, living arrangements, relationship values etc.).You’ve outlined that your kids are currently very happy and settled.Five years ago I caught my husband having an affair.He ended it and we decided after counselling that after 25 years together we would try and make a go of things, but it's now five years down the track and we are at loggerheads.Well, this just broke my heart into a million pieces.Amy Krouse Rosenthal is fighting ovarian cancer, and doesn't have much time left.It also sounds like you have financial security and there’s a history of 30 years together that counts for a lot. You mentioned that you caught him having an affair and then HE ended it with you.Perhaps this means your trust and respect for him has never returned? Maybe you’re tired of living in a sexless marriage and you want the chance to be intimate with someone you have a real chemistry with? Is it the things that make you want to stay or the things that make you want to leave?

There are many factors that come into play when considering whether to stay or leave after an affair (e.g.

Regardless, what’s clear is that your feelings for him haven’t rekindled over the past five years, and this isn’t going to change moving forward. Can you put up with the status quo because of the family unit and the financial security, or is it just too painful to stay because of lack of attraction and trust?

And does it need to be now, or is there a better time to be doing this in the months or years to come?

He showed up at their first pregnancy ultrasound with flowers.

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