Intp dating entp

22-Jan-2020 13:00

INTPs, in particular, may be terrified of compromising their cherished independence and autonomy.Unfortunately, while their Fe, Ne, and Ti may contribute to a perfect brainstorm of fears and concerns, NTPs are often reluctant to reality test their hypotheses.Since Fe represents a sort of goal or endpoint of TPs’ type development, dreaming of ideal love can provide a “quick hit” of ephemeral bliss or wholeness.To further fuel these feelings, TPs may turn to musical ballads or romantic movies, which soothe and support their childlike ideals of the fairy tale romance.The INTP-ENTP relationship has 3 preference similarities and 1 preference difference.Regardless of the number of similarities and differences, each personality combination will have its unique set of challenges.Here are some examples of thoughts TPs may harbor and fail to share with their partners: “There she goes being irrational again.Another emotional rant.” “I’m really not interested in what she is saying right now, I wish I could escape and do something else.” “She is so needy and demanding.

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Drenth INTPs, ENTPs, ISTPs, and ESTPs experience similar challenges in their relationships.

Since TPs, especially ITPs, are disposed to developing a bipolar, love-hate relationship with their Fe, they often exhibit the same bipolarism (i.e., idealism vs. In many ways, the capacity for TPs to individuate and their ability to develop healthy, meaningful relationships runs along the same track.

In ENTP and INTP relationships, it is not only Fe that contributes to relational doubt, but also their Ne imagination.

Namely, they may fail to express their fears and concerns to their partners in order to determine whether they are well-founded. Why are TPs reluctant to disclose their fears and concerns to their partner?

One reason TPs may fail to communicate their thoughts in relationships is a concern for hurting their partner’s feelings.

As with other things, Ne is adept at envisioning numerous ways in which the relationship could potentially fail.

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