Is roc royal dating kiloni

06-Nov-2019 06:29

He his personality is very quiet and up until earlier this year (2012) he was often seen in buffalo hats and a low puffy ponytail. Despite numerous rumors like all the other Mindless Behavior members he is single. He can also do a back-flip, swim and skateboard with the other members of Mindless Behavior.

He mentioned his favorite colors are black and blue. He auditioned to join Mindless Behavior in 2008 where he met Princeton, they both were the first members of Mindless Behavior. He loves animals and when asked if not in MB what he would like to do he said veterinarian. He and all the other MB members have said they love food.

Therefore, rumors in the market are that he is searching for a good partner in his life.

August is not sure about where his further musical career will be moving ahead after he left Mindless Behavior.

Then Princeton came and said pick him then ray ray came in front of you and kissed you and said no pick him would you be faithful and stay with prodigy or switch it up and pick........ One day you were over your best friend, Jacob's house, when the doorbell rung. Unfortunately in 2012 they hit the fan and so did I. Gold earings nope Silver hopes yes ** Beep beep Me: he's here E/b Roc: hey sexy Yn: *blushing* Roc: you ready Yn: yh When they arrive...... and on top of that you got a brand new phone for getting decent grades on your report card. you also picked up your purse but a piece of paper fell but you didn't bother to pick it up. asiah:im not talking about eliza me:well what happen to proper nouns asiah:can you grab that*pointing at a fruit cup* me:seriously don't sweat it*handing her the fruit cup asiah:ever since they came to this skool you've been acting different me:that's all you're gonna eat asiah:i've been gaining weight me:no you haven't asiah:how would u knw your the size of a toothpick Anna rests on the cough, and had a flashback about the incident....

A few seconds later Jacob opened the door, there stood the one and only Chresanto August from the boy band Mindless Behavior. Of course in the start of their career I was only 9 years old. As being 12 with no band making any hit singles broke my heart. you were texting your best friend when a guy ran into you. guy: look I'm really sorry you: whateva jerk you were in such a hurry to get home to talk to your best friend that you didn't bother to look at the guy. you just brushed yourself off and avoided eye contact with him and walked off. Prince: yo what was that all about one day I went to a mindless behavior concert and I really really really wanted to talk to my band crush roc royal so I was super suprised when he asked me to come on stage gave me a back stage pass I got off stage and in my head I said SQEEEEEEE.

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Being the only son of his parents on watching his bio, it seems he is claiming it is now an age to get married.

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Chresanto August, aka Roc Royal is a member of the American boy band Mindless Behavior before leaving in 2014. He currently lives in the 'Conjunction Household' in Los Angelos California with the other Mindless Behavior members.

However, his fans are not much happy with the results.

The band, which was active from the year 2010, has a massive following.

Getting engaged in Mindless Behavior, though, he has earned a massive net worth.

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