Ivanka trump and jared kushner dating

02-Jan-2020 12:28

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But Donald’s eldest daughter Ivanka wasn’t going anywhere.Seeing a Trump White House as a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity, and one she and her husband had helped build as prominent figures on the Trump election campaign, Jared and Ivanka had chosen to uproot their lives as an upper crust Manhattan power couple and relocate to Washington.To find out what’s driving Jared and Ivanka, it’s worth looking back at the origins of this most ambitious of power couples.Jared and Ivanka met in 2007 at a business lunch set up by Kushner’s mutual friend, who thought the two could work together in a professional context.In a monarchy, these interests may be one and the same, but not necessarily in a democracy.” The good news for the administration is that the situation can be remedied — by sending Ivanka Trump and Kushner home, where she need not fret about failing to live up to expectations and he can attend to his financial troubles and marshal his legal defenses.

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Nevertheless, Mueller can subpoena the emails and obtain information about rerouting the accounts as part of his ongoing investigation. reports: “The Justice Department has released a series of recently overruled legal memos concluding that presidents cannot appoint their relatives to the White House staff or presidential commissions, even to unpaid posts.

But after a year riddled with scandal, controversy and instability, are the couple now regretting this move?