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02-Dec-2019 19:56

"Jennifer and Justin [Crabbe] dated for about two and a half years, on and off. It could be fairly volatile."Now a victim advocate, Crecente says one in three teens experience teen dating violence."You can't walk down a high school or a middle school hallway and not see it," said Crecente.

"Sometimes I hear, 'Not in our school, not in our community, not in our church.'"In memory of Jennifer Crecente, the Texas legislature passed a law in 2007 requiring every school district in the state to have a teen dating violence policy.

And help us make the world a safer place, share the game!

Whether you are a student working on a school project about teen dating violence - or a parent looking for a way to talk with your teen about the difference between healthy and unhealthy behavior in a relationship - or a teacher working on a lesson plan for your health students, there are many free resources to help you #stop TDV including roleplaying activities, printable posters, and video games.

"In order to keep our challenge sufficiently challenging we've added an additional layer of complexity this year, and can't wait to see what the entrants will create," he says.

An insult turns into a slap turns into a punch…you want out.

This year, Elizabeth Crecente addressed those in attendance and shared her experience.

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Family members, friends of victims and survivors of violent crime brought an angel to place on the Christmas tree, in memory and support of those impacted by violent crime. Help Emily find out what is going on with her boyfriend while she sets off on an adventure to rescue him.