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(r175 photo)I was wondering that too r173- if it was Nolan who wanted to go shirtless to show off his body.I know I would at his age if I looked like that after having been a chubby kid on tv for years.Obviously the producers see Gould and his burgeoning body as a way of attracting and/or holding on to viewers they've been rapidly losing: teen girls and older gay men. It's a "contraction" only from the sort of illiterate who is ageist and uses bad formations such as "often times," ignorant that standard uses makes it a single word.And I'm sure Gould is all too happy to go along with it. Now kindly age out of your biases and ignorance, stoogey.I still land on it channel surfing and can't watch it for more than a minute or 2. R149 - I thought it was, genuinely, an excellent network sitcom in its first few seasons. He did look good, even though I'm not into guys that young.It was never some culture-defining or culture-defying enterprise ala Seinfeld, Louie, 30 Rock etc. Tried oral a lot but mostly got into mutual jackoff with lots of kissing. He's not terrible, but I don't really see him having much of a career post-MODERN FAMILY.He's not spending hours pumping in the gym just to keep his shirt ON. One minute your lusting after a barely legal boy wondering whether or not he is gay, and the next minute your telling others to respect a middle aged man's privacy and decision to come out of the closet. R205 Are you the eldergay from the Jonathan Bennett thread? I'm not ageist, but the eldergays on this site that love to hate millennials surely are. And did the "Battle of Network Stars" show any of Nolan's goods?

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And given that the boy on the Fosters is also on the wrestling team in that show I think someone at ABC has a singlet fetish. Do you think there is one one poster posting on Datalounge or something? R204, you seem incapable of understanding the difference between intellectual and libidinal motives within the same person.

The single, gay guy in his late 30s whose Instagram was filled with nothing but pictures of him taking young tween and teen actors out on weekend adventures; including strapping young men like Nolan?