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26-Oct-2019 11:37

Reboot the device, go to Settings Phone update, and click Check for updates.

Once you’ve installed your first Insider Preview build, new builds will be automatically downloaded and installed on your phone when they become available.

To check if you have the latest Insider Preview build: Go to Settings Phone update, and click Check for updates.

If Phone Update says your device is up to date, you have the latest build.

The Feedback Hub also connects you to Insider news, quests, community, and other resources. The options for the frequency of Windows 10 Insider Preview builds are called “rings.” Each ring presents a different level of stability and will be delivered on a different build cadence.

Builds are sent to the Slow Ring after feedback has been received from Insiders on the Fast ring and analyzed by our Engineering teams.After registering in the Windows Insider Program and installing your first Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build, you will begin to receive updates to the device(s) you have enrolled.