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17-Dec-2019 15:33

They may also question as to why precisely Robredo was in the US this Christmas?

Her office had explained that the vacation was planned a year ago – so long before the May 2016 election and its eventual outcome that saw her elected to the vice presidency.

New York City is the home of close friend, mentor, vocal supporter and campaign donor, Loida Nicolas-Lewis, the Philippine-born millionaire socialite – and a fellow Bicolana – who just recently called for President Rodrigo Duterte to step down and hand over the reigns of government to her Liberal Party sister, Leni: The Three Stooges – Leila, Leni, Loida.

There’s every chance the two ladies got together to exchange Christmas greetings and if they did those optics would almost certainly have been discussed.

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In times of crisis, those in authority can do great good – not just in practical terms, but in being with those who are suffering.By contrast, President Rodrigo Duterte visited the area to check personally on the relief measures, to pledge an immediate PHP50 million for basic food needs and to tell farmers and local residents that he’ll try to find additional money from the budget to help them get back on their feet.

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