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Fwiw what bothers me more than many other Nazi images is that it actually is a technically meritorious example of graphic design. His comments on it: "The photo is a bit grainy as the Nikon D80 doesn't really perform very well in dark situations when using settings above 800 ISO. --jjron (talk) , 10 April 2009 (UTC) A fairly aggressive noise reduction and a black point adjustment worked pretty well imo, there isn't much fine detail to loose.It puts a public face on a repulsive bit of history and almost makes it palatable. The smoke of all the lanterns going up in the air also contributes to what might look like grain." Yeah, had a look at the bigger version and a quick play to see what I could do, but sadly the quality is just not there for mine, just too noisy; looks like the camera can't really handle the ISO 1250. Unfortunately cameras are at their weakest with dark areas and high isos though.Just because an image is offensive to you personally doesn't make it any less historically important or of any lower quality. I think the crop is tasteful, but if the other version is preferable, I'd be happy with either.

Office of War Information photo (1942) by Alfred T. Male hoverflies are easily recognized by the holoptic eyes, touching at the top of the head. I was certain that it would be featured when I clicked on the image, but no such tag came up.This species is very common in Europe, where it has been used experimentally to control the population of aphids. The image is very informative and it displays the mouse skull in a clear and intuitive fashion.Though adults are vegetarian, feeding on pollen, larvae feed on aphids. Original - Traumatic insemination, seen here in the bedbug Cimex lectularius, is the insertion of sperm into the female by breaking through the carapace of the abdomen and injecting the sperm inside.Wikipedia ought to feature dozens of scenes from ancient Egypt. Although a little busy as a thumbnail, the larger version is captivating.

Not everything important is available in high resolution format yet; here we have a start: the ruins at Karnac, as recorded in 1838. It adds to the article because it's the only image in the article that shows the visual effect of a mass deployment of sky lanterns during a festival. There is a blurry gentleman in the foreground but i think it enhances the image by providing some perspective.The collector adopts a non-assuming pose, eyes lowered on the machine. Mountain Chief was however recorded by Frances Densmore: all sources agree that he was.