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Where and when were you born, raised and currently reside? I’m not going to tell you the year but I look young because I’m half black and half Korean! Where is the .” I asked my mom why she gave me that name and she told me that it is part of her maiden name. But, really, when my mom came to America she was just nervous to teach me Korean because she thought I wouldn’t learn English that well. My mom had so much of it in the house refrigerator that it stunk up the house so they ended up moving to the garage refrigerator and then it smelled up the garage and the car. I was thinking that in my house this is just called dinner. I guess they tried to gear it more to Americans by calling it BBQ but I was like I don’t understand this concept. It’s so funny because growing up everyone pretty much followed the stereotype. You would think that a parent would want to show where they are from but she really has no desire to do that. In Texas, they have a different word that I cannot say.

I currently live in Los Angeles but was discovered in Miami. She said she worked too hard to push me out to not have her name in my name. She was concentrating on learning English at the same time and never really spoke to me in Korean. Usually people learn Korean when there is others to talk to and are around Koreans but she was just by herself and was trying to learn English. I don’t like kimchi (김치) and I never got over the smell of it. So when you would get into the car, you would smell the kimchi! The Asian kids were super smart and we had one on our basketball team then a couple black kids and then mostly white. After her parents died, it hit her really close and she hasn’t wanted to go back. My mom’s mom lived with us for like 13 years and then she went back to Korea. But that is what I love about being half black and Korean and looking the way that I do.

I’m half-black and Asian so what do girls automatically ask?

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For those of you wondering, Michael is part-black and part-Asian (Korean)." Michael told Paparazzi Proposals of popping the question in California. We don’t argue, we’re always supportive of each other.After Claire said "Yes," the TV personality again surprised the bride-to-be with an impromptu engagement photoshoot. No one can believe it when I tell them we’ve never had an argument. I know relationships are supposed to be hard work, but being with her has been so easy! Watch Michael propose to Claire in the video below!I find it weird because I didn’t connect to it while I was going through it but it is more that I’m connecting to it now. But then, you’ll hear lots of Asian jokes because people will think I’m Dominican or whatever. Has your current career path always been something you have always been interested in? I was doing radio in Miami and had a really big show for six years. I did it and fell in love with it after the first time. He’s like the guy that sat me down and said this is how you do it.

I’ve known Jo for a while and he told me that I had great stories about my parents and that is where comedy comes from, real life. Or is it one of photoshopped images that talented boys/girls with too much time on their hands create to pass off as real? So, let’s talk about dating with your unique perspective as someone half-black and half-Asian. With the white girls, you know, they didn’t know what I was, so their parents didn’t know which stereotypes to apply.