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When shoppers shop for dairy products, more often than not they check the expiration date. In most cases, the expiration date is a date set by a dairy bottler based on the number of days the product will retain its flavor following processing, which typically includes pasteurization, based on standard refrigeration practices.Milk, for example, might be labeled by a certain dairy, for its freshness to expire 15 days after pasteurization.As a result, the bottles jostled and spilled most of the milk before Wilcox completed the 2 mile journey.Wilcox had to return to his farm that day and start all over with the traditional can and ladle. Thatcher as follows: My dear Doctor: You must think a man is a fool to be driving around the streets with milk in glass bottles. Thus did the milk bottle industry make its start in the North Country.When the delivery man noticed it, he calmly fished it out and continued on his rounds. The doctors inspiration, born of that chance scene on Market Street, was the milk bottle. He knew that a plain undecorated bottle would have small appeal to the customer.

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Milk glass is a term that was originally used to describe opaque white glassware.

It has since become used to include several colours of opaque and translucent glass, including white, blue, green, pink, black, yellow and brown.

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A little girls doll stirred a former Potsdam resident to devise an invention which has had a profound effect on the lives and health of hundreds of millions of Americans. On the wagon was the traditional 40-quart dip can and ladle with which the milkman was dispensing his wares and collecting three cents a quart. Long an advocate of sanitation in the handling of milk, he had a sanitary milk pail made in the previous year.