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Stan Gerula lived in London until he died on August 29th 1979.

His body was taken home to Poland and he was buried in the Rakowice Cemetery in Krakow.

In response to Steve’s thoughts on the date of the ‘new’ pool; well, I can state with certainty that I was swimming in it during the summer of ’66.

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I earned my ‘width’ and ‘length’ ribbons there under the tutelage of the terrifying ‘Mr. The place was like an ice-box, the floors were slippery and dangerous and the communal changing-room was a large, soulless, tiled room that would have made an abattoir seem welcoming.I was always led to believe that the pool was a ‘short course’ one rather than a ‘long course/competition standard’ one.

In the last section, the paper tries to lay out its own impartial assessment based on the existing evidence as well as unbiased interpretations Mongol invasion, Genghis Khan, Tatar yoke, Golden Horde, Kievan Rus’, Muscovy, Muscovite princes, centralization of power, political unification, oriental despotism, Eurasianism, Slavophiles, autocracy, absolutism, serfdom, Mongolianism, Russification of Mongol state system.… continue reading »

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