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18-Sep-2019 02:39

You should also set up a corporate Tax ID for each taxing authority to which you report tax information.

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After you set up tax area information, you need to update the F069016 table.

Many companies are structured under multiple federal and state tax IDs, and they often operate in many different states.

When an employee changes companies within a common paymaster group, JD Edwards Enterprise One Payroll can recognize and track their year-to-date State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) wages from the previous company so that the calculation of the tax is accurate and accumulation towards the annual limit does not start over.

You can use the Cost Center Tax Area Processing program (R079052) to automatically provide system level tax area information.

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You normally use this UBE when you are initially setting up the software, but you might also use it when adding a business unit or changing the address of a business unit.

Before you begin processing payroll for employees, you must set up tax information so that employee taxes are calculated properly.