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06-Jan-2020 17:59

The pair began their relationship as teammates and friends at a training camp leading up to the Sochi games.

“Aaron has a funny way of showing that he likes someone too, like I would ski by and he would just start to push my arm or push me down, tiny little things," says Masters.

That’s a pretty cool, unique thing." Again, I can't imagine walking into the Opening Ceremony stadium, let alone doing it with a person I love.

Masters did note that there is sometimes public confusion around what the Paralympics are.

I marveled at Masters' and Pike's ability to maintain a romantic relationship while accomplishing so much in the world of adaptive sports.

The Paralympics take place just after the Olympics, so "you get to see it happen before you jump in yourself," adds Pike.

"You get fired up."But in terms of misconceptions about their relationship? I love Aaron for who he is and how he makes me laugh." And on that note, I have officially found my new #relationshipgoals.

You know what each other’s going through." Masters says that athletes dating non-athletes can be more difficult, "It’s hard to understand the athlete’s lifestyle. You go to training camps in the winter where there is no internet, you can’t make phone calls." While the pair sees each other often during the winter, in the summer, they are on different schedules. "I don’t think too many people get to say that they’ve walked in together, representing their country at the Opening Ceremony," notes Pike.

"But I'm not like 'Why aren’t you answering my texts? "You look over, and there’s your significant other, standing right there experiencing the exact same thing [as you].(Adorable.)Prior to speaking with the couple, I imagined dating someone while training morning, noon, and night for the Paralympic Games would be virtually impossible.