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12-Dec-2019 18:19

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Sometimes it’s difficult for people who haven’t “been there” to understand the experience of having a disability, so I understand why people with disabilities might use a dating site where they have a better chance of finding someone else with disabilities. Again and again, it all comes back to people having options.And thank goodness, this is an area where we do – no dating site is ever going to try to say, “Disabled people need not apply”.I’ve had to fight hard to get people to see that, and going back to a dating site that encourages people to look at me first as a person with disabilities feels like a step back.

But there are reasons more specific to single people with disabilities.If you've signed up to Disability Matches then you already know what we mean; thousands of local singles, none of which are held back romantically when it comes to having a disability, sending messages and getting to know each other.There's friendship, companionship, happiness and love out there for all of us, regardless of our imperfections.In fact, it's usually those imperfections that pave the way to true love.

If you haven't joined us, sign up today and join the world's largest social community of single people with disabilities.Knowing what I do about online dating now, I feel now like I walked away from the online dating website having more in common with your average able-bodied online dater than the guy who’d had the stroke to whom I’d been talking – there are a lot of people out there who have gotten involved with someone on an online dating website and had them get way too serious way too quickly – like say “I love you” after three emails. And the one guy that I did meet, admittedly not on one of the more major dating sites, but on an advice site associated with it, who’d also had a stroke at an early age – we’ve been long-distance friends for three years and we rarely talk about stroke stuff. Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t a place for an online dating web site just for people with disabilities.