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10-Jan-2020 06:46

A problem that seems to occuring with greater frequency is the sudden freezing and unfreezing of the display, along with the disappearance of the cursor.When the screen freezes, continued keystrokes will populate the keyboard buffer.I am typing | this in Outlook 2007 as I normal ** (12 s) normally would.It is | also typical for the delays to lengthen; although, there may be some | shorter ones occurring after some of the lon ** (11 s) longer delays. The ** are the locations at | which the screen froze.I am using Outlook 2010 with exchange email account on Windows 7 x64.I am able to receive new emails in webmail and mobile phone.The times in () are the number of seconds | the screen was frozen.| | | | "DABrown CA" wrote: |

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In my case, it's always activity on the hard drive (Outlook accessing my PSTs) that makes Outlook freeze for a few seconds. I reinstalled it and voila' no more sticking cursor! While typing, the mouse cursor gets lost between windows.

When it unfreezes, the keyboard buffer prints to the screen and the typed material appears; however, the cursor often does not.