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22-Jan-2020 10:41

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Refrain: [D]Hindi mo b[C9]a namamalayan[G] [D]Wala ka bang na[C9]raramdama[G]AAAAn [D]Ika ng ha[C9]ngin na huma[Em]halik[D] sa atin[C] Chorus: Panahon na n[G-D/F#]aman Ng pag-ibi[Em-D]g Panahon na na[C9-Eb-F]man Ah[G]ah Panahon na n[G-D/F#]aman Ng pag-ibi[Em-D]g Gumisng [C9-Eb-F]ka, tar[G]a na Interlude: with wah E--------------------------| B-12-12--10--8-5-5-3h5-3h5-| G--------------------------| (2x) D--------------------------| A--------------------------| E--------------------------| (do stanza 1 chords) masdang maigi ang mga mata ng bawat tao nakasilip ang isang bagong saya at pa-ibig na dakilang matagal ng nawala kumusta na nariyan ka lang pala refrain solo: with wah E----------------------------| B-12-12--10-12-12h13-12-10---| G----------------------------| D----------------------------| A----------------------------| E----------------------------| E-10~--10-10-10--10h12-10------------| B--------------------------13-12--8--| G------------------------------------| D------------------------------------| A------------------------------------| E------------------------------------| E--------------------------------------| B-8-8--10--12--10---3-3-3-3-3----------| G--------------------------------------| (2x) D--------------------------------------| A--------------------------------------| E--------------------------------------| Chorus Chords: G- 320033 C- x32010 C9 - x32033 Em- 022000 D- xx0232 D/F#- 200232 Eb- x65066 F- x87088 This song is for sheraly!!!!