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My daughter and I went to see this film last night with great anticipation as we have read the books.

I know that the director is great having seen her previous work and I was looking forward to seeing how she and her co-writer had adapted the books for screen.

One summer, all four are confronted by simmering emotions that have been mounting between them, and each find unexpected happiness in relationships that cross the bounds of convention.

Hearts On Fire Written by Dan Whitford, Tim Hoey & Mitchell Scott Performed by Cut Copy Published by Mushroom Music Publishing Pty Ltd Under license from Modular Recordings / Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd Licensed courtesy of Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd See more » Let me start with saying that when the movie was finished and the lights were on again, I did not want it to end.

His visit to Sydney changes everything for four of them - the nasty truth has its way to come out and alter everybody's happy lives. It's a story where you have high doubts about happy endings. Can people handle the consequences of their own actions and do these make them happy?

But the plot and the director kept surprising you and it asked a lot of important questions. Is it allowed to fall passionately in love when you are middle-aged?

There were more secrets and these secrets hurt the not only themselves, but also Ian and Roz.

Adore is a movie about love and betrayal and relationships.

Thus manipulative Georgia keeps changing her mind about a grand birthday party and her father's career opportunities as engineer in New Zealand, while mother seems to flirt with hunky interior decorator Jem.Bigger surprises were the young men playing Ian and Tom - Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville. I think there are people who would love the imbroglio of relationships and friendships and then there are the ones who would judge them. I truly liked how they played their characters, they had quite a big tasks with these roles and they were believable and natural as Ian and Tom. Why are people willing to give up on love even though they do not want to do that, but know it's the only reasonable thing to do?

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Is it love when you do what you think is best and hurt the one you love with that?

I wanted to see what would happen even afterwards, I wanted it to continue.