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It appears ancient caribou hunters knew well the animals habits.In the hot summer months the caribou would seek shelter in the shaded sides of mountains and lay down on the always frozen ice patches.As bodies of ice retreat around the world at incredible rates, one benefit is for archaeologists and history lovers as previously buried and lost ancient artifacts are uncovered and found.Here are ten example of recent archeological discoveries made possible by global warming and the melting of ice sheets all over the world.All of it preserved in the ice to be discovered as the ice patch melted.Not every artifact that archaeologists have found in the ice patches is a hunting instrument.One example was an ancient barbed antler projectile with barbed edges along the arrow shaft. Once the arrow penetrated the animal, it would have been very hard to remove as the barbs ran backwards from the point of the arrow, much like a barb on a fishing hook.But that was not the only cutting edge hunting technology employed by these hunters.

One of the early scientists to champion ice patch archaeology, Tom Andrews, realized the importance of the melting ice patches and the frozen treasures that would be lost unless someone went to look for them.In the spur the hunter would place a 4–6 foot long (121–182 cm) dart.The atlatl dart allowed hunters to throw the dart further, with more power, and accuracy, than a spear.The DNA of the animals can determine hereditary information about the species and even migratory patterns.

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Perhaps most amazing of all was what was found in the dung—a 4,000 year old dart shaft.The atlatl dart is probably the first true weapon system consisting of both a projectile and a launching mechanism.

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At the time this game was played, FIDE had modified the fifty-move rule to allow 100 moves to be played without a piece being captured in a rook and bishop versus rook endgame, the situation in Nikolić versus Arsović. Wang Chen and Lu Shanglei both lost a game in which they had played no moves. The players agreed to a draw after the 10th move by White (Petrosian). The shortest composed stalemate, devised by Sam Loyd, involves the sequence 1.e3 a5 2. Adding to the difficulty Kasparov played Black in half the games; usually in exhibitions the exhibitor plays White on all boards.… continue reading »

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