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I have worked with Carol of Posh Talks for many years, and I am always thrilled to receive her emails. You know that through her hard work she has found a listing of possibilities for you to use your skills and talents in an way that you can entertain and educate others, and at the same time make new friends.

Posh Talks pulls together the paperwork and makes the contacts to create an unforgettable event.

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Through my long connection to Posh Talks, I’ve been able to visit so many wonderful countries and most of all enjoy lasting friendships with fantastic cruise passengers! Caplan We have been lecturing with Posh Talks for over twelve years, around the world, and have received rave reviews from our audiences.

Carol Williams has placed us on some fabulous itineraries.

Donna and John Mollan Co-Lecturers As Dance teachers we (my dance partner and I) have been working with Carol Williams for about 10 years.

We hope to continue working with Carol and Posh Talks for many years.We have had cruises in the UK and USA and there have never been any problems whatsoever.