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10-Oct-2019 22:57

Pretty soon after release, modders discovered the abandoned mini-game and devised ways to access it on all formats. The US ratings board--the ESRB--was roundly slammed by several politicians, including Senator Hillary Clinton, and lawsuits were filed against Rockstar.Its called Hot Coffee because coffee is the euphemism for sex used by CJs various girlfriends. The game was reclassified as Adults Only in the US to prevent it being sold to anyone under 18, until Rockstar created and released a clean version of the game with all the Hot Coffee assets removed.All Ill say is that you cant have a Week of Love without talking about the physical stuff, and when these controversies were raging, Although it looks incredibly crude by todays standards, Custers Revenge caused a massive stir back in 1982 when it released on the Atari 2600.The aim of the game is for the player--controlling a man named Custer (very, very loosely based on General George Custer), who is inexplicably dressed in nothing but a cavalry hat--to have sex with a native American woman who is tied to a pole. The game was protested by several activist groups, including Women Against Pornography, and by several Native American spokespeople.Because the game was already 18-rated in the UK, very little controversy resulted on that side of The Pond. While the rather binary nature of Mass Effects choice-system reduces sex to a Yes, No, or Id rather do the blue one response, you have to applaud the developers for openly acknowledging that aspect of the human experience in their games. The sex scenes in Mass Effect are rather tame, limited to tastefully-lit shots of character models and the occasional flash of groping.However, several critics openly attacked the sexy stuff in Mass Effect.

Male Shep has the option to pair up with Steve Cortez, while female Shep can get together with Samantha Traynor.

However, this prompted two very different reactions from fans.

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