Rapinoe and wambach dating

12-Nov-2019 00:43

See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. Lots of changes have been swirling around retired U. She's signed with ESPN to cover more than international soccer, a sport in which she rose to fame by becoming the leading career scorer.Albeit, they stand far apart – an ocean to be exact, since they have a long-distance relationship."It's coming up on three years, and now she lives in Australia," the Redding, Calif. "She lived here for the first two years we were together." PHOTOS: Out and proud celebs The Seattle Sounders Women midfielder, who will play with the U. women's soccer team in the London Summer Olympics later this month, is pretty used to their arrangement by now.

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Just weeks after announcing her split, Abby Wambach and Sarah Huffman have already barreled through the divorce process ... TMZ Sports obtained court documents filed in Oregon which show a judge has signed off on the soccer superstar's divorce from her wife of 3 years.

"Most people who are in a relationship on our team, it's basically long distance because we're gone so much," she says.

"You have to have the right personality to go the distance we go and go the time we go.

During the 2012 Olympics, searches for "Abby Wambach gay" drove a lot of traffic to our site for an article that talked about Rapinoe being and happened to have an unrelated photo of Wambach and Huffman together.

Despite everyone in the know being aware Wambach was gay during the Olympics, she still chose to not go public for more than a year after, missing a chance to show the world a high-profile LGBT athlete at the top of her game winning a gold medal.

"As you get older, I wouldn't say the passion leaves you, but it changes," Wambach said. After I got married, I definitely had a shift in emotional devotion. Then I got married, and I had to transfer some of my energy. She was comfortably gay for years within soccer but did not come out publicly until her marriage to Huffman in October 2013.