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Not only does she like the taste of cum, but she also likes the taste of her own juices.

Saw her standing at the kitchen counter, put her hand down her pants, it must have felt good as she spread her legs wider, got done with that short finger and then put it in her mouth like she was at a tasting contest.

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No I'm really serious, who has sex in all different positions, jumps up and opens the refrigerator, take out food, cook, drink from the water bottle or whatever it is and then return to having sex. just nasty I've told you all once before how I love her body hygene and the way she takes care of herself, but man she cleans, cooks, fuck, sucks and always masturbate into the camera.

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When she's cooking its almost like watching one of those fucking "here's how you cook shit" shows, LOL.

The first step toward holding yourself accountable for your appalling actions—a close friend of your wife? Or maybe the wrongness and the self-loathing—the whole bad-boy-on-the-rack routine—turn you on.

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