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In spite of the fact that the theory runs counter to Scripture, a number of evangelicals continue to hold to this view...Continue reading All three were excavated in the 1930s and in each case a violent destruction layer was found which was dated to the end of the 13th century BC.Five other sites in Cisjordan were destroyed toward the end of the 13th century BC: Gezer, Aphek, Megiddo, Beth Shan, and Tell Abu Hawam.The ancient name of Tell Abu Hawam is unknown, so nothing can be said relative to its role in the conquest.

Among Biblical scholars and archaeologists it is almost axiomatic that the Israelites entered Canaan about 1230–1220 B. In terms of archaeological periods, this would be towards the end of the Late Bronze Age, for which the Generally Accepted Date ( of 1230–1220 B. for the Israelite entry into Canaan, we must reject the Biblical account of Israel’s conquest of Canaanite cities.This is because the Biblical account conflicts so strongly with the archaeological record.