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14-Sep-2019 01:10

There have been a few times I've forgotten to turn the noise cancellation on.

Not quite sure about complaints from people on fatigued heads and necks.

Don't get me wrong - when the ENC is on, you DEFINITELY know it.

My experience aligns with some other reviews I've seen; the headset doesn't eliminate all noise, it just makes everything MUCH quieter. I still want to be able to hear cues from RPM and pitch of the relative wind around the canopy.

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Freenaked cam

I had a pair of Bose and find the DC-1X to have less noise reduction but at the right level. Not quite as comfortable as the Bose but minor difference there.Comfortable on the head though they feel a little small compared to my last headset.I think I will get used to the feel, they are light.I like that this headset can come with me no matter what my aspirations are.

I understand that the Zulu3 ear cups are designed to only fit one direction, but that seemed a bit inconvenient.Lastly, this headset is VERY lightweight and comfortable.