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04-Nov-2019 20:42

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That night I found out that my case was in fact not indestructible, but I digress.

At this point we are all downing shots and clearing out the honesty bar for all its worth.

The basics you know, respect the hookers, don’t point at the hookers, don’t kill the hookers, you know the usual.

She asks us if we have any questions, Ben asks how much sex costs, she isn’t quite sure, don’t worry, we find out later.

We take the tram to the district and before I know it we are in front of the notorious red lights.

I ask one of the girls if it is a good idea to bring my Go Pro.

Let me explain, as I said before the Cocomama was awesome.

Every other night they would have some sort of activity that included the entire hostel.

So being able to go with the hot owners of the Cocomama plus my buds, it was a no brainer.

The ticket also came with 2 drinks of your choice, and being somewhat nervous going to this live sex show I was going to need as much alcohol I could get my hands on. The girls were handing us shots to get us a bit more comfortable.

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