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Indonesian slang (bahasa gaul or bahasa prokém) is an informal language in Indonesia.Despite its direct origins, Indonesian slang often differs quite significantly in both vocabulary and grammatical structure from the most standard form of Indonesia's national language." remains relatively unchanged as far as spelling and pronunciation are concerned.The overall structure of Indonesian slang is not all that different from formal Indonesian, although in many cases sentences are simplified or shortened when necessary.Loan words adopted from foreign languages (especially European) such as English or Dutch are often transliterated according to the modern Indonesian orthography. Another closely related phenomenon to arise in recent years is the formation of complex nouns or phrases created using a combination of English and Indonesian (slang) in the one sentence. In these cases of combined, interlingual phrases, the original spelling (and quite often the pronunciation) of the foreign word(s) are retained.A prime example of this is the phrase "so what gitu loh! Hence, the English component of the Indonesian slang phrase "so what gitu loh!The differences between formal and colloquial Indonesian are most evident in vocabulary and grammatical structures (e.g. The structure of the Indonesian slang language is mostly derived from formal Indonesian, however its vocabularly is a different story altogether.

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However, as with any language, the constant changing of the times means that some words become rarely used or are rendered obsolete as they are considered to be outdated or no longer follow modern day trends.However, in many cases, new words are simply created at random, their origins often quite obscure.