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The library also held some ancient paintings that are on display in the monastery’s museum. When you turn the (pages) there is a flash of gold and colors. ​Mosaic of the Transfiguration The officials also inaugurated the Mosaic of the Transfiguration situated in the eastern apse of the monastery’s great basilica.

It mosaic covers 46 square meters and features a rich chromatic range of glass paste, glass, stone, gold and silver tesserae.

"We've lived our lives thinking we were the loyal friends, colleagues and family members. We’re really moved by all the generosity that's surrounded us in the last year. His strength and courage in the face of two life-altering surgeries—followed by a yearlong recovery time—is so incredibly inspiring.

'Thank you' doesn't even begin to describe our feelings of gratitude." Tara says the surgery and the care they received at "I wish I could say his demeanor and attitude have dramatically improved, but I can’t because he's the most positive and kind person I've ever known, and that was before we ever made the trip down to L. "Now he can smile for real, without the nagging pain in his back every. I honestly believe Bobby could face any kind of hardship or difficult situation; he's just that person." Are you a grateful patient, family member, volunteer, or loyal supporter? Your story can inspire others who may be facing similar challenges—and most importantly, provide hope.

The little touches made a big difference—helping Tara set up her cot with extra blankets, the night-shift nurse who would keep Tara company when she couldn't sleep, the patience demonstrated by each staff member when the couple had many questions.

"We felt like we'd known our doctors and nurses for years," Bobby says.

Justin, an American monk working as the monastery’s librarian.

“This is the most precious manuscript in the world,” referring to the ancient, handwritten copy of the New Testament.

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This causes headaches, dizziness and scoliosis—curvature of the spine.Egypt reopened on Saturday an ancient library that holds thousands of centuries-old religious and historical manuscripts at the famed St.

So when I counsel couples who want to reconcile after an affair, I insist on total separation of the unfaithful spouse and the lover with extraordinary precautions to guarantee that they never see or talk to each other again.” “…who substitutes an unhealthy and mood altering relationship with a process (i.e.… continue reading »

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Its pretty much the backup manager, but without the backup function. Ability to change the location of the dev_flash, dev_bdvd and more with the next release of Mount Point manager. Its pretty much the backup manager, but without the backup function. Change the location of the dev_flash, dev_bdvd and more to come in the next version... Press [] Square button on v1.1 GUI screen to direct boot game without a disc in the drive!… continue reading »

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