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"I don't know how they do it, how they're so successful with it, but they do everything perfect, their movies are never flops."People may ask the same questions about you, Kris.

Bishbash is a phenomenal hitter for the Rambletown Rounders Little League team.

Please download the PDF instead, which is spotless and beautiful.

Formatting issues aside, I've spent over a year on this script, and it made round 2 of the Austin Film Festival screenwriting competition, among other contest-y type things.

As it turns out, they really did bust each other's slumps -- on AND off the field.

Hey friends -- apparently there are lots of formatting issues in the RTF version, egg on my face!

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The Slumpbuster is heavily weighted at the front end to create a fish attracting jigging action in the water and its matuka-style fur strip wing breathes seductively without fouling.slump bust•ers (noun, plural) – 1) Fat and/or ugly women with whom baseball players have sex in order to break a hitting slump. In real life – this is true – some baseball players, when they get into a hitting slump, have a superstition that the best way to break that slump is to sleep with a woman who's fat, or ugly, or a combination thereof.2) A trio of badass ladies who get even by becoming epic slump busters... SLUMP BUSTERS asks the following question: What if one such woman, instead of getting mad, decided to get even by becoming an epic slump buster? It'd work out awesome – until said woman fell in love with one of her marks.Readers will get a lot of belly laughs from the crazy stuff that “The Great Walloper” and his teammates try to get out of his batting slump. This is a fun read for anyone who has played little league baseball.

The plot and characters are exaggerated a bit but that’s what makes them believable and funny.Like every great player, Bryant found a way to get himself back on track and is hitting nearly .390 since. Disney's film "Moana" and the soundtrack to the 2016 top film. "Moana and it's soundtrack make him feel so good that he listens to it before every game to prepare and calm himself down.