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"Lay back down in the water sweetie, there's another thing we have to do." "Okay Daddy." She says and slips back into the tub, her womanly breasts jiggling.

"Now, spread your legs real wide for Daddy, you've got some hair down there and I think it would be very nice if we shaved it off. " "I think that would be okay, Daddy." She replies as she spreads her legs further apart, giving me the perfect view of her hot little pussy.

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I wrap the towel around her and help her out of the tub onto the bath mat and proceed to dry her off.She finishes up and I lead her into her bedroom, showing her what I've laid out. "I'm glad you approve honey, let's see how it looks on you." We start off with a nice pair of white cotton underwear, a white bra and a pair of white knee high socks.

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Step 2: Extract files to any folder using Winrar Step 3: Go to the folder where you extrated the files in the RAR archive Step 4: Find the 2 files that have X50 in the filename (should be 1 (has a filename like WM50_K_A01_X50_WM5_ENG) .nb0 file and (same naming conventions) 1 file) and transfer them to the SD Card Step 5: Take SD Card out of SD Card reader and put it in the axim Step 6: Hold the power button and the wireless button at the same time, and quickly tap the soft reset button (little hole on back of axim near DELL logo and press it with something like a pencil or pen) 2 or 3 times Step 6a: Watch screen for SD Card loader (should see the hard reset screen, but wait a few seconds until it shows up) Step 7: choose the A01 rom image and follow any on-screen directions Step 8: watch your axim come back to life and enjoy your axim Step 1: A02 uses a different bootloader than A01, so that has to flash successfully before you can update to A02. If you don't need the bootloader, don't worry about it. I used X50_K_WM50 A01 ROM to flash my 416cpu x50 low device then it did not boot ,black screen ,nothing happend,afterward , i flashed again with X50_K_WM50 A02 ,it did boot but stuck at 80%. For giving us all those support and technical knowledge . fortunately, there tons of fragments of tricks and things i needed to know.… continue reading »

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