Sophos not updating

04-Feb-2020 02:15

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The devices do not report a passcode being set if the user does this without being forced to by a policy.

This is an issue in Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile.

For details on installing the Sophos Mobile server, see the Sophos Mobile installation guide.

For details on enrolling end user devices with Sophos Mobile using the Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal, see the Sophos Mobile user help. If you are planning to run the update to SMC 7 overnight please disable the scheduled tasks to stop and restart the SMC server (default: am and am) if those times interfere with the update and migration procedure.

That is the case when using Sophos Secure Email or Samsung Knox. in an Exchange email configuration, it may happen that the password is cut off and not all asterisks are shown.

The user can still enter any password, although the input field does not show the correct amount of characters entered.

Instead, it is a permission setting of apps that are able to install other apps - like for example a file manager app.You can re-enable them after the update is finished. seen on a Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 4.0.3), installing a root certificate via a profile does not work.This is an issue of the Samsung API where a call to a Samsung API returns success although the root certificate could not be installed on the device. seen on a Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 4.0.3), removing a VPN profile in the Sophos Mobile admin console does not work.This is caused by a defect in the web control within the standard framework used by Sophos Mobile.

Internet Explorer may classify the Sophos Mobile admin console as an intranet site.If devices are registered with an LDAP entry and SSP, this is not necessary (this only applies to Microsoft Active Directory).