Spark plug dating guide Chat camdirecte madagascar

20-Oct-2019 17:13

We have provided a list of firing end conditions to help you identify situations that may occur in your vehicle.

It is helpful to use a magnifying glass to view these deposits.

With today's fuels, we know that anytime the tip of the ceramic core nose goes below 850 F, carbon will build up and the spark plug will foul.

While no one can learn to read spark plugs by simply studying a short article like this, you can learn the definition of the spark plug's purpose is straight forward. It conducts a spark that is generated in the ignition coil into the combustion chamber and provides a gap for that spark to jump across.

Finally, it conducts the heat it picks up in the combustion process to the cylinder head and into the cooling system.

The ability to read spark plugs can tell a mechanic a lot about the state of tune of an engine and about some of the problems an engine may be experiencing.

In the absence of other more sophisticated equipment, the simple act of removing the spark plugs and examining them under a low power magnifying glass can help jet the carburetor, set ignition advance, recognize additives in fuel and many other conditions.

If using a gasket seat type spark plug, after installing finger tight, turn 1/4 to 5/8 of a turn.

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