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10-Feb-2020 08:02

Access to that data profile is sold on the advertising market.

But it isn’t just access to our data profile that is being sold – it’s access to the powerful behavioural modification tools developed by these corporations, to their knowledge about our psychological vulnerabilities, honed through experimentation over many years.

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Donald Trump won in part because he managed to gain 100,000 key votes in the rust belt.Campaigns can deliver different arguments to different groups of voters, so no two people may ever see the same set of adverts or arguments.This takes political campaigning from being a public process to being a private, personalised affair, helped along by access to the apparatus of surveillance capitalism.Attempts are then made to influence this behaviour through personalised and dynamic targeted advertising.

This is refined by testing numerous variations of adverts on different demographics to see what works best.When Yahoo refused, they were threatened with a 0,000 fine, every day, with the fine doubling every week that their non-compliance continued. In the UK, the Investigatory Powers Act, commonly known as the “snooper’s charter”, grants the security and intelligence agencies legal authority to acquire personal datasets from technology companies in bulk, and the Government is exploring an agreement with the US that would give British intelligence agencies better access to these databases.

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