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The North Bend Dining Room is open year-round and offers Wi Fi at no cost.

This road bed provides access for hikers, bikers and horseback riders to the North Bend Rail Trail.

The park is located in West Virginia’s historic oil and gas fields.

About 50 wells, dating from the 19th century, were once active in the present park area, and visitors may still see a few still standing around the park.

Cabins must be rented for a minimum of one week during the summer season.

North Bend has two campground sites that will suit your every need.

Named for the horseshoe curve of the North Fork of the Hughes River, this year-round park is lush with fishing streams, hiking trails and abundant wildlife.

Featuring 11 tunnels and 32 bridges, the North Bend Rail Trail is 72 miles long with North Bend State Park situated at the midpoint. This short spur is located to the left of the dam off the Lake Trail.

It features a gentle grade with rough tread and good sight lines. It begins and ends near the pond area, circling part of North Bend and its facilities.

The trail goes through a variety of habitats and allows viewing of expansive fern beds, fungi and rocky outcrops.

From this trail, you may access the Overhanging Rock Trail and the Access Trail. It is a beautiful hike through a white pine thicket offering views of birds, deer and other wildlife.

It features moderate grades, smooth tread and changing sight lines.Constructed of solid cedar, the cabins have fireplaces, central heat and air, and are available in two, three and four bedrooms.