Tall intimidating muscular women

11-Feb-2020 09:02

I was 15 when I first realised my tallness was a turn on to women.The lighting was low, the music was loud and my stomach was doing the hokey cokey.He said that the masculine ability to offer physical protection is clearly connected to the gender stereotype of men as protectors, and that "in a society that encourages men to be dominant and women to be submissive, having the image of tall men hovering over short women reinforces this value." In other words, tallness exaggerates the favoured masculine traits of protection and security – characteristics that evolutionary theorists say women look for when partnering up with the potential father of their children.It’s a view backed up by Dr Viren Swami, a social psychologist at the University of Westminster.

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Yesterday in Telegraph Men, body image expert Natasha Devon said that many of the woman she has spoken to say they are looking for a partner who is taller than them (a particular problem for tall women).Last year, reacting to another study revealing women’s preference for tall men, he told The Independent the findings “reflect a cultural idea, where tall men are viewed as masculine and tall women violate cultural norms”.