Technology and dating

10-Jan-2020 17:28

These three remind me of the three witches in Macbeth, described as “lurking like dark thoughts and unconscious temptations to evil.” So before you make your next dating move, don’t let temptation get the upper hand.

Step away from your computer and PDA and consciously rethink your approach to these three dating challenges.

At its base, technology is a revolution in logistics, not in psychology or sociology – it gives us better access to the things we already lust after; it doesn't change the nature of the lust itself.

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The Black Berry, Treo and i Phone look sleek and smart, but it’s amazing how many dumbed-down, modern-day applications they’ve spawned.

This easiness, David Buss, a psychology professor, tells her, changes the nature of demand: When there is a surplus of women, or a perceived surplus of women, the whole mating system tends to shift towards short-term dating. My initial reaction while reading the opening lines of Sales’ piece was: “Well, it is Manhattan.” Sales’ two main groups of case studies are visitors to a bar in New York’s financial district and college students, neither of which have ever been known for their taste in mature, long-lasting relationships.