Teenage daughter dating a loser

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Besides, he had his orgasms where he wanted them, when he wanted them, and concerning whatever fantasy he wanted to orgasm to. She liked the same perfumes and soaps her mother had too, and sometimes her smell took him back to the good days. He picked it up idly and opened it to see a young looking girl with a monster prick in her pussy. "Morning, Daddy," she said as she fished in the cupboard for a bowl and some cereal. Then she turned her head and made it obvious she was looking right at him. Her eyes went wide and she yelped, running back up the stairs. He was getting out of shape, he thought as he gasped for air two miles into what he'd planned to be a five miler. His mind's eye kept going back to that sticky white stuff oozing from his only daughter's puffy and well-fucked cunt. All that creamy sperm packed into, and running out of her pussy, and she wasn't protected. That prick had a white ring of cum around it - the male had obviously cum in this girl and had then fucked her some more. He bought that magazine and since then he'd had much better luck dreaming about the girls who made themselves available to him in the magazine, instead of his sweet innocent daughter. "Not that it's any of your concern." He almost choked. Don't you remember where we're supposed to be this morning? Ten minutes later Chuck was alone in his house again. Of course he couldn't leave the mags laying around where Mark or Melody could find them. He knew if he went back upstairs he'd be staring at his daughter's cum filled pussy while he beat off again. They'd never understand why he bought them, and he cringed at the thought they'd ever find out what he did with them. But it was achingly hard, harder than it had gotten when he was twenty two and could fuck Valerie for hours. He gazed at the sperm running from his daughter's pussy. Chuck got up, wadded up the bed linen and threw it in the washer. It was weeping precum too, enough that the soothing feeling of that cum was almost like the after effects of a real ejaculation! They had to have had hours to do makeup and pose and all that kind of stuff. Suddenly he felt a chill run down his spine and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. While she wasn't technically a minor, surely she couldn't get birth control pills without parental approval, or at least knowledge. If someone had asked him what kind of birth control his daughter used he would have laughed in their face. He covered the tip with his hand, and hot cum oozed out between his fingers as his cock fired again before it began to taper off. He lay there for a good fifteen minutes, just thinking. Sometimes she stayed overnight on a Friday night, if she didn't have a date. Other times Mark double dated with others of Melody's friends. Mark and Melody were always home by ten and usually went right to bed, or watched a movie or something. No way she'd tell, because she knew he'd kill the guy and end up in prison.

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His eyes flicked up to Melody's again, leaking all that jizz. Frantically he looked at the other pages of the layout. Ever since his wife had died, he hadn't had the stomach for re-entering the dating game. He and Valerie had been quite happy with their two teenage children. He couldn't get the vision of his naked daughter out of his head. He had no idea what was on, but tried to look like he'd been watching it. The next morning was Saturday and Chuck got up early, mostly because of the dreams he'd had the night before. They hadn't planned on another pregnancy, but when it had happened they adjusted and began to look forward to having another baby around the house. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his son cup his hand and make "I think he's been drinking" motions with it to his sister. I think I'm going to grab a shower and hit the sack. If dreams came true in another dimension, then both his daughter and Cindy Thompson were even more cum-soaked than ever, and pregnant to boot. "I need to ask you a question." The teenager backpedaled to the doorway. There were multiple shots of Melody and Cindy getting royally fucked by the guy with the big dick, of them riding on that dick, of the girls kissing and caressing each other.

But the one that hit him most, well, not counting the centerfold, was the one with Melody and Cindy leaning back on the lounge, side by side, holding hands. Then he went downstairs to watch some TV and wait up for the kids. It was a hard core porn mag that had the best models in it, both male and female, and he never failed to have ample jerk off fantasies as he examined the mag during the month. "Yeah, we went shopping for a birthday present, and then I dropped her off at Cindy's.