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If you have your Frequent Friend Zone card on hand, we'll be happy to stamp it for you before we proceed.

How you got here-whether you were too passive, never had a shot, acted too much like a sibling, or, perhaps don't realize yet that you're gay-is not really our business and it's not at issue. You may come to see this other person as a human and value their insights, their words, enjoy their trust and all the things a real friend has to offer.

You, of course, can try to be a good friend, a good listener and help her out. If you enjoy sleepless nights spent alone while alternating between abject depression, feelings of worthlessness and monstrous fits of jealous rage, knock yourself out. Option Two, of course, is to walk across the Friend Zone, open up the door and, simply, leave. No matter what anyone says, you cannot leave the Friend Zone the way you came in.

This would be the smart thing to do, but again, we don't want to pressure you. Maybe the object of your affection will be mystified, possibly a little hurt. There is no door that leads from here to Girlfriend or Boyfriend Zone.

These things happen, to some of us more than others, sure, but such is life. But we both know, deep down inside, that that's not going to happen.

Because part of the job of being a friend is listening.

But let us point out that your primary purpose in life shouldn't be to provide emotional support and affection for someone who has no intentions of climbing into the sack with you. And while we would never suggest you say something like "Fuck this, I have enough friends" … You may notice the door, behind the bar, that leads to Drunken One-Night Hookup that Instills in You So Much Hope that You Can't Help but Want to Kill Yourself When You Realize That She's Shoved You Right Back into the Friend Zone (and She's Highly Embarrassed).

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Read on to learn about some potentially huge obstacles standing between you and true love.But it's worth checking out the list below to see if perhaps you've been guilty of any of these unappealing behaviors.To compile said list, we asked a panel of dating and relationship experts to tell us about the biggest turn-offs in budding relationships."Those with little self-confidence are likely to be anxious, perhaps even less mentally stable," Fisher said.

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Respondents in the Match survey also reported that they check out a potential date's teeth.It doesn't take that much effort to have good hygiene.